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Jul. 9th, 2008

Did anyone go to the Pixar Art exhibits shown in America? It's in Seoul now and I was wondering if you all had any reviews to give me. I'd really like to go.

Wall-E hasn't come out here yet and I'm sad about that. :(

also this ...

Oh Adrenaline...

 Man I wish I'd bought a bike sooner. 

I rode 10 km today, in an hour. I'm not sure about my exact speed because i didn't click my odometer in properly on the first part of the trip. 

I found the bike path that leads to the Han River, I didn't get anywhere near it - but I did figure out how to get there. 

The path is lovely, even though it's packed with people. There is a bike shop for spart parts and lights and stuff, loads of benches, water fountains, bathrooms, a track for roller bladers (dancing to bad 80s music and speed skating! ) and tons of fitness areas. All of which is awesome. 

My butt doesn't hurt as much this time, but I still think I need a new seat, and probably biking shorts. Also, I need a helmet. It makes me nervous biking without one. I think I might wear a mask next time too, I ate three bugs. Yuck.

I wish the bike wasn't so darn bouncy though. When I stand up to pedal (which isn't that often) I can't really get going because of the bouncy-ness. I guess that's what I get for a cheap bike. I should have bought that sleek sexy non-folding one I saw and tried to convince a taxi to take me home. Owwel. Live and learn. 

It is nice to be able to go up and down curbs with no problem, and if I ever do go mountain biking I'll have no problems so that's cool too. Oh - and my bike won't slip in the mud, also nice. 

I'm just happy to bike again really. I didn't want to come back home tonight, but I had been out for half an hour with a half hour ride back, so I kind of had to. 

Man that was so much fun. Next time I'm lazy I have to remember just how much fun that was. 

Momentum. My life is all about gaining momentum. Keep it going Lily.


Jun. 25th, 2008

Good times good times.

Yesterday at work, while chatting I typed...

i sprayed antibacterial spray on my hand then sneezed when it was still wet.
I inhaled the fumes from my hand. I think I got drunk for a second.

It's freaking hot. I need air conditioning. I'm sitting here in the teacher room sweating and trying to concentrate and it's not working out so well.


R2D2 Projector, and wireless web cam. 

The projector wouldn't fit in my house but the webcam would! 


I was being unproductive when I came across this article about how workers who have ADHD can be less productive. Um. Duh?

what it doesnt' say is that if the worker gets into a state of hyperconcentration they might be more productive. Maybe it evens out then?


Jun. 4th, 2008

 remember my korea blog

I just posted the cute quotient for May. Go look. :)
argh. my stupid bank card never works at my local grocery store. it's only that store though. i wonder if i can get the bank to give me a new one just because of one little teeny store. 

i had to go withdraw money from an atm and lost 1.000 won (which is like one dollar) but I shouldn't have to do that. it's a bank card - it should be useable...


Condescending spam

Caught in my lunalil.com spam filter

Good post. You make some great points that most people do not fully understand.

“I maintain a delicate balance of western refrigerated ingredients and things like milk, orange juice, eggs, and produce in my refrigerator. The thought process after trial and error is now something like,
“I can buy these olives now, sure, but when I open the jar and it has to be refrigerated will I have to choose between olives or milk?””

I like how you explained that. Very helpful. Thanks.

Take a random bit of my post, quote it and praise. This is the second time I've seen this particular pattern. It's pretty funny though. Especially since the entry that the comment was for, about Sesame Leaf Pesto was pretty long and there were all kinds of things that could have been chosen to quote.

May. 13th, 2008

also - i'm not sure if i'm not drinking enough water chronically (probably true) or I'm getting old (def. true) but i am getting wrinkles around my eyes. little teeny tiny ones. 

i'm old peeps. 


I really miss my girlfriends in Atlanta.

I love Patrick and Viet (my closest friends and neighbors here) and I have a new crew of girlfriends, but I miss my  Atlanta girls.

I miss my guys too. I miss having geeky conversations with the guys and then moaning about it with the girls. Haha.

(I've been slacking at work today. I'm out of ADD meds, they're in the mail, and not doing anything at all. So I decided to read all my archived LJ entries. So that's where that is coming from.)

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