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toot toot

i'm pretty sure that i'm riding happy hormones right now, (i shoud never have staretd reading that book about the female brain) and this is partly why my confidence is so high.

so with that said.

i forget how when i radiate confidence and happiness and satisfaction with myself (and unfortunately even after living in Korea for two years I still radiate my emotions unless i'm exerting serious confcious effort not to) thing jusst go my way.

i get food from strangers. people introduce themselves to me. haggling prices are lower - and it's much much easier to make friends. i radiate and people respond and radiate back. if only i could do this all the time.

i'm too pooped to write more about this - but just wanted to remmebr that dammit. despite my confidence issues, and self-esteem problems and feeling like i'm way bigger than normal humans (thank you for that complex asia, and thanks thailand for providing large tourists to remind me that i'm nto that big) i can radiate peace and happiness and make friends and attract people.

that's nice. :) it's really nice. and i want to remember.
(my own notes for later: snorkeling kid & family that couldn't swim, thai assistant guide going to LA, tour guide who sat next to me, Renee from Austria, Korean family) 

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