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Sep. 17th, 2009

Omg. I just found my first gray hair.


toot toot

i'm pretty sure that i'm riding happy hormones right now, (i shoud never have staretd reading that book about the female brain) and this is partly why my confidence is so high.

so with that said.

i forget how when i radiate confidence and happiness and satisfaction with myself (and unfortunately even after living in Korea for two years I still radiate my emotions unless i'm exerting serious confcious effort not to) thing jusst go my way.

i get food from strangers. people introduce themselves to me. haggling prices are lower - and it's much much easier to make friends. i radiate and people respond and radiate back. if only i could do this all the time.

i'm too pooped to write more about this - but just wanted to remmebr that dammit. despite my confidence issues, and self-esteem problems and feeling like i'm way bigger than normal humans (thank you for that complex asia, and thanks thailand for providing large tourists to remind me that i'm nto that big) i can radiate peace and happiness and make friends and attract people.

that's nice. :) it's really nice. and i want to remember.
(my own notes for later: snorkeling kid & family that couldn't swim, thai assistant guide going to LA, tour guide who sat next to me, Renee from Austria, Korean family) 


Today is one of those days I don't like traveling. I've been recovering from sunburn (from diving despite SPF 85 - although I am now tan for me...but only on my arms) staying out late for the full moon rave, and being very very active for the last two weeks (trekking, exploring cities, diving) since um. sunday. Today I figured out my next plan. Go to Phuket, visit Phi Phi, snorkel or dive, fly to Cambodia.
Hopefully in four days or less.

I also tried to figure out what to do with the rest of my trip, which if I'm not careful will turn into a dive hopping trip since I'm basically hooked on diving now.

I stayed an extra day at my hotel here, on accuont of my laziness. Which I dealt with this morning at 10 am. Checkout is 10:30. Haha. =D
Their credit card machine was down, according to the front desk, so I had to pay with cash. Which I felt was sketchy (I can drive you to an ATM Madam!) yeah. I bet you can. Maybe it's nothing but it made me feel paranoid anyway.

I had breakfast just in time (10:30 complimentary breakfast stops) Beans on toast, with cheese. Earl grey tea, and pineapple juice. Apparently I am turning Brit. Everyone at the four dining tables under the shade, and accessible to the fans was smoking. I'm getting tired of being surrounded by smokers.

When I was seasick on the boat during the dive trip the smoke smell made it a lot worse. I was on the top deck just trying to get fresh air and it was impossible, I was surrounded by divers - smoking. Diving and smoking don't seem like smart things to do together. Divers need lungs, divers work with oxygen tanks, divers should be in reasonable shape. Like my partner said though, it's kind of a fringe culture, so I guess that's why there are so many smokers. 

Anyway. It made me really ill on the boat and It's been extremely irritating since then.


For some reason I'm hypersensitive to it still. Plus I just hate it in general. Go get cancer somewhere else, and stop dropping cigarette butts on the beach. They kill turtles and don't biodegrade, ever.

I retreated to my room to hide from the noon sun, and browse my Lonely Planet - but ended up finishing my book instead. I ambled back out at about three to 7-11 to get money, finally, it took me forever to find an ATM near here. I Stopped to grab a baguette walking back (I thought the place sold sandwhiches but it's just a bakery) it's a good baguette though. Sometimes you just need bread.

I really needed lunch, so I tried to find a place that didn't look deserted. I don't know if it's just my part of this place (Koh Paghnan) but the place is like a ghost town. 75% of bars and restuarants just lying open, but obviously in disuse. It's creepy. I can't wait to get off this island.

I found a place with people in it, and ordered masaman curry. It was blah. The rice was blah. The potatoes weren't cooked. The best part was the Ovaltine shake, which somehow, also ended up being blah. Maybe it was just me. I dunno. Maybe it's being on my period in stifling hot weather (TMI? Yeah well =P) I dunno.

So I ate as much as I could and then gave up.
Went back to the hotel, grabbed the three books I've finished and went to exchange/sell them at a used book store I passed. Usually they tell you how much the books are worth store credit or cash and you figure it out from there. Here? Nothing. I have books to exchange. Ok. Um. I guess I'll look around. Ok. I'd like these two much older and dingier books.

Girl -50 baht.
Me - wait. I have to pay? These books are really old? Mine are new. How much are you taking my books for?
Girl - 100 baht.
Me - ???? You'll give me 100 baht? What? What's the price of these two books? 
Girl - uh. exchange - ok? 
Me- grabs old dingy books. EHN. Ok Bye..

I went to an Internet cafe/travel agency and tried to finish sorting out what to do. I've been in there a few times to use the Internet, did some research, then asked the agent to help me get a ferry ticket/plane ticket to Phuket. So I can go to Phi Phi. 

Reasonable amount of confusion there, but nothing really extrodinary. Mostly the wait where did she go with my card? To the airline shop? What? Err...

The ticket she gave me to fly on is the least ticket looking ticket I've ever seen. I asked about four times which airline counter it was i needed to check in at and I swear I can't remember what she said or find it on the ticket. Maybe there is only one. (ok I looked it up and apaparently the whole airport is Bangkok Airways so everything should be fine. Yay language barriers)

I'm giong to be at that airport for a few hours tommorrow. The travel agent suggested shopping. http://www.samuiairportonline.com/shopping

I'm not much of a shopper. Well. Sometimes. Ehn.

I've thought about 20 times the last two days that I shuold have just bought a stupid EEEpc. I've spent a lot of money walking to (sweating) and finding and paying for Internet, because apparently I am addictied, and I need additional travel research sources, and I figure if the prices keep up at the current rate I could have bought a computer and ended up saving money over 6-8 weeks of travel. EHN.

Oh right. So after the veryconfusing travel agent conversation I went back to my room to dump the new/old books, and change shirts (mine was too thick) and wash my face and put a bandaid on my foot (my crocs rubbed the top of my left foot raw. my left foot is having alll the problems this trip). There is a dog that hangs aruond my hotel. Actually there are a lot of dogs. This dog in particular I've probably seen no less than 20 times, each time the dog had no problem with me. Today the dog barked at me and tried to jump up on me and acted rather mean. Not like attack mean but not friendly. This pissed me off and I yelled at the dog. When I came back out of my hotel room to come here (to a different internet cafe than the one I bought my stuff at to write this and try to sort it all out.. The dog was still there, and still barked at me, and even lunged at me. I threatened it with my umbrella and gave it my teacher look. It followed me all the way across the street to the computer place but didn't come in.

Btw. Most useful thing to have in your purse/bag/pocket in rural Thailand - flashlight. Take Note.

urgh. i'll be glad to be out of here soon. i dont' really like this island much. Best find a place to stay in Phuket. =P

ps. now the fourth cigarette being lit to my left.

pps. fans do not = air  con

Nine years

Nine years ago today I met my love. Yes dear, it's not nine years yet on your side, but I don't know when I'll get to the internet again. So bite me. =D

No really. ^.^

Anyway. I don't have time to make a fancy post like in past years, but here are nine kisses and hugs I wish I was there to give you.
Love you most monkey. <3
maybe i should join twitter.

what the heck - my oral-b floss bought in a korean pharmacy was made in ireland.

maple macchiato "denmark milk" coffee drink is not good. market O brownies, however, are.

there was so much yellow dust today that I saw the sun straight on on the way home, around 6ish, and i didn't have to shield my eyes or look away.

Dec. 26th, 2008

Nice Xmas with friends in Korea (lots more to write there). Came home to a mystery bag of two kinds of cookies and a cute animal. It must be from a Korean friend because no one else I know would have made sesame cookies. I wonder who it was!

I also got a mystery cake last year. Is it from the same person? I wish i knew who to thank!

I lost my Korean ring, with my messages on it (it's custom carved, it says "don't give up" "love yourself" in Korean. 

I think I left it at Dan's house, but couldn't find it when I was there.
Will I ever not lose things? I send so much of mylife looking for crap 've lost. Or buying new crap to repalce the crap i can't find and then finding the crap i thought i lost :(.

Oh well. I can replace the ring, but it will cost time and money of course.

Anyway. Ring is not so important. It will turn up, here or there, if not, I'll just get a new one and suck it up. I'm not leaving Korea with out that message ring. :) 

Yeah. I'm sleepy and not making sense. My Xmas is over but everyone in Atlanta's is just beginning. Hope you are all having a wonderful Xmas. I'm staying warm! It was crazy cold today. Tomorrow morning it will be -12 C  (11 F) before heading to school. I have to work tommorrow, and Monday, and Tuesday. :( 

Dec. 4th, 2008

Man what a crazy week.

I recorded a story for my friend Dan's new radio show on the new foriegner radio station. I was emailed by Smile! (Cebu aairlines magazine) and sumbmitted a short blurb for them about what to do in Seoul - WHICH MEANS I"LL BE PUBLISHED IN AN ACTUAL PRINTED MEDIUM OMG (i know it's tiny, and unpaid but it's a step up the ladder for me).  Then after submitting the email to her she asked if i had writing experince and if I would consider doing regular articles on what to do in Seoul.

*jumps around like a nut* 


so many exciting things are happening. and I'll be leaving soon. :( 
I'm scared of repatriating and losing the ways I've changed that I really really like about myself.  I'm scared from going to complete oversaturation and being almost incapable of processing EVERYTHING to not having to process anything...

i also had four cups of coffee today. and still can't concentrate.

garble garble. =P


Book hangovers are the worst.

Not in order happy election post

I went out last night searching for a place to celebrate Obama's victory. Met up with my friend Dan, who runs SeoulEats. We checked out the expat bars that were supposed to have parties but all the action was in Itaewon (which is too far from me).

I couldn't go to the live election watching parties because I was working (I've got a day job!). I feel a little sad about not being able to celebrate live, but it was nice to meet my friend - especially since I couldn't hang out with any local Americans. Since my neighbors are basically ignoring me over the whole my-neighbor-has-owed-me-money-and-flaked-for > six months-thing.

I did get to find my other friends who teach public school in the area and share the news of the outcome with them. My friend Mykian, and my Kiwi friend Kaiya (who was the only one who hugged me and jumped up and down which is totally what I wanted to do and awesome. I heart her).

I also had bunches of people tell me OBAMA! GOOD GOOD! Which is touching because black people are highly discriminated against in Korea (except for celebrities and rappers who are cool) among the older Korean population, and even some of the younger generation. The Korean words for black, African, and African-American have pretty insensitive translations in the Korean-English dictionary....

So having an older Korean man tell me he's happy about America electing it's first black president, in what minimal English he can, is really moving.

So I met my friend last night, even though I was exhausted from the English Festival yesterday (standing up all day and talking to literally hundreds of people) I decided I would be dammned if I would stay home and be sad about not having anyone to celebrate with near me and go out and find or make a celebration of my own.

So. That's what I did, that's what we did. We went to Mike's Tavern (but no one was there) so we had dalk galbi and caught up and went back later when there were more people (but the party was over). 

I've heard there will be weekend parties to celebrate. I'd like to go to one of those. :)
Oh - and I bought a bottle of champagne aned toasted Obama before going to bed last night.

Oh America. I'm so proud of you (except for the prop. 8 thing >:( ) . I'm so happy to have seen this day, and I know change won't be immediate or fast or even guaranteed, but I feel redeemed somehow. My Korean friends would say something like "Now the world can see the true heart of America".

And I think they can.

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