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Dec. 26th, 2008

Nice Xmas with friends in Korea (lots more to write there). Came home to a mystery bag of two kinds of cookies and a cute animal. It must be from a Korean friend because no one else I know would have made sesame cookies. I wonder who it was!

I also got a mystery cake last year. Is it from the same person? I wish i knew who to thank!

I lost my Korean ring, with my messages on it (it's custom carved, it says "don't give up" "love yourself" in Korean. 

I think I left it at Dan's house, but couldn't find it when I was there.
Will I ever not lose things? I send so much of mylife looking for crap 've lost. Or buying new crap to repalce the crap i can't find and then finding the crap i thought i lost :(.

Oh well. I can replace the ring, but it will cost time and money of course.

Anyway. Ring is not so important. It will turn up, here or there, if not, I'll just get a new one and suck it up. I'm not leaving Korea with out that message ring. :) 

Yeah. I'm sleepy and not making sense. My Xmas is over but everyone in Atlanta's is just beginning. Hope you are all having a wonderful Xmas. I'm staying warm! It was crazy cold today. Tomorrow morning it will be -12 C  (11 F) before heading to school. I have to work tommorrow, and Monday, and Tuesday. :( 

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