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Not in order happy election post

I went out last night searching for a place to celebrate Obama's victory. Met up with my friend Dan, who runs SeoulEats. We checked out the expat bars that were supposed to have parties but all the action was in Itaewon (which is too far from me).

I couldn't go to the live election watching parties because I was working (I've got a day job!). I feel a little sad about not being able to celebrate live, but it was nice to meet my friend - especially since I couldn't hang out with any local Americans. Since my neighbors are basically ignoring me over the whole my-neighbor-has-owed-me-money-and-flaked-for > six months-thing.

I did get to find my other friends who teach public school in the area and share the news of the outcome with them. My friend Mykian, and my Kiwi friend Kaiya (who was the only one who hugged me and jumped up and down which is totally what I wanted to do and awesome. I heart her).

I also had bunches of people tell me OBAMA! GOOD GOOD! Which is touching because black people are highly discriminated against in Korea (except for celebrities and rappers who are cool) among the older Korean population, and even some of the younger generation. The Korean words for black, African, and African-American have pretty insensitive translations in the Korean-English dictionary....

So having an older Korean man tell me he's happy about America electing it's first black president, in what minimal English he can, is really moving.

So I met my friend last night, even though I was exhausted from the English Festival yesterday (standing up all day and talking to literally hundreds of people) I decided I would be dammned if I would stay home and be sad about not having anyone to celebrate with near me and go out and find or make a celebration of my own.

So. That's what I did, that's what we did. We went to Mike's Tavern (but no one was there) so we had dalk galbi and caught up and went back later when there were more people (but the party was over). 

I've heard there will be weekend parties to celebrate. I'd like to go to one of those. :)
Oh - and I bought a bottle of champagne aned toasted Obama before going to bed last night.

Oh America. I'm so proud of you (except for the prop. 8 thing >:( ) . I'm so happy to have seen this day, and I know change won't be immediate or fast or even guaranteed, but I feel redeemed somehow. My Korean friends would say something like "Now the world can see the true heart of America".

And I think they can.

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